1921-05-07: Americas Greatest Dam in the Making: the Wilson Dam At Muscle Shoals1921-05-14: Winding the Wire Wrapping on the Cables of a Suspension Bridge1921-05-21: Getting a Coal Car Up An Incline with the Electric Billy Goat1921-05-28: An Aerial Greyhound Riding At Anchor: How the Dirigible Mooring Mast Is Employed1921-06-04: Linking New York City with the Mainland By the Hudson River Bridge1921-06-11: New Coal Pier At Curtis Bay Baltimore Which Handles Sixty Tons Per Minute1921-06-18: Testing the Strengh of Concrete By Means of a Scale And a Bucket of Shot1921-06-25: Front End of 70 Car, 9000 Ton Coal Train Used in Brake Test1921-07-02: THE MAN BEHIND THE PICTURE : PROJECTION BOOTH OF A MOTION PICTURE THEATER1921-07-09: Speeding Up the Laying And Lifting of Railroad Rails.1921-07-16: Reproducing the Naval Battle of Jutland for the Motion Picture Screen1921-07-23: PULLING THE MISSISSIPPI'S TEETH: HAULING A HEAVY SNAG ABOARD1921-07-30: Raising a Steel Tower Into Place for An Electric Transmission Line1921-08-06: Moving An Entire Section of a Town To Make Room for Miners1921-08-13: Ascending To a Height of 120 Feet in the Petroczy Captive Helicopter1921-08-20: OBSERVING THE STARS IN ORDER TO DETERMINE OUR STANDARD TIME1921-08-27: SPEEDING UP THE HANDLING OF HAY WITH THE HAY STACKER1921-09-03: ERECTING ONE OF NEW YORK'S HUGE ELECTRIC SIGNS
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1921-05-07: Americas Greatest Dam in the Making: the Wilson Dam At Muscle Shoals