1915-05-08: the new laurenti submarine salvage boat and testing dock.1915-05-15: Chlorine Gas on the Battle Field How It Is Handled By the Germans1915-05-22: Forward Deck of Flagship Wyoming Showing the 12 Inch Guns of Turret No. 1 And No. 21915-05-29: Loading a Torpedo Into One of the Four Forward Tubes of a Submarine1915-06-05: 70th Anniversary Issue1915-06-12: using the searchlight to repel a night attack1915-06-19: Italy on a War Footing1915-06-26: Destruction of a Zeppelin By a British Monoplane1915-07-03: War Issue Number Six Naval Warfare 100 Years Ago on Cover1915-07-10: BUILDING RAILROADS UNDER THE STREETS OF NEW YORK1915-07-17: Our latest dreadnought California1915-07-24: MUZZLE OF THE QUEEN ELlZABETH'S 15 INCH GUN1915-07-31: Stringing electrical wires above the tracks of a busy steam railroad which is being electrified.1915-08-07: Submarine on the prowl.1915-08-14: Railroad building under and over the streets of New York.1915-08-21: loading the shell into a 12-inch disappearing coast defense rifle.1915-08-28: A captive balloon on the French front.1915-09-04: Air war
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1915-05-15: Chlorine Gas on the Battle Field How It Is Handled By the Germans