1908-01-04: A NORTH CAROLINA POWER DAM1908-01-11: The Docks at Skagway, the Starting Point of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad1908-01-18: SAND PLOW FOR SALVING SHIPS. The p!ow Cuts a furrow Alongside the stranded Ship and Digs Her Free. Water Jets Keep the Furrow Open after it is Cut.1908-01-25: THE REUTERDAHL ATTACK ON OUR NAVY ANSWERED. Battleship Kentucky, Showing the Vertical Front of the Turret and the Large Ports.The after Turrets of Batt!eship Virginia, Showing the Inclined Front of Turret and Small Gun Ports1908-02-01: THE ERECTION OF THE GREAT STEEL TOWERS OF THE MANHATTAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE, NEW YORK1908-02-08: THE NEW TERMINAL STATION AND APPROACHES OF THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE1908-02-15: THE TUNIS MONORAIL SYSTEM.1908-02-22: THE TESTING OF A LOCOMOTIVE1908-02-29: Sportsman's Number1908-03-07: THE BRITISH NAVY OF TO-DAY - II. All-Big Gun Battleship Dreadnought. All-Big-Gun Battleship Agamemnon1908-03-14: THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT.1908-03-21: A UNIQUE SYSTEM OF ILLUMINATION FOR HARBOR CHANNELS1908-03-28: GENERAL VIEW OF THE GREAT CANTILEVER BRIDGE OVER THE EAST RIVER AT BLACKWELL'S ISLAND  NEW YORK1908-04-04: A NEW APPARATUS FOR SUBMARINE OPERATIONS. A Submerged Operating Chamber Fitted with Helmets and Flexible Arm Sleeves is in free Communication with the Surface Through a Collapsible Vertical Shaft1908-05-30: THE WRIGHT 30-HORSE-POWER AEROPLANE IN FLIGHT ABOVE THE NORTH CAROLINA COAST.-DRAWING PREPARED FROM DESCRIPTIONS BY OBSERVERS OF THE<br>EXPERIMENTS.1908-06-06: AUTOS THAT PASS IN THE AIR - CIRCUS1908-06-13: THE NEW METHOD OF TRYING BATTLESHIPS. Bow View of Battleship "Minnesota" on Full Speed Trial. Bow View of Battleship" Virginia," Taken at Full Speed of 19.04 Knots.1908-06-20: A REMAREABLE MOUNTAIN RAILWAY. Hozen, Tyrol
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