1907-05-04: A PREHISTORIC INHABITANT OF TEXAS. HOW NAOSAURUS APPEARED TWELVE MILLION YEARS AGO1907-05-11: A THEATER AUDITORIUM WITH A ROTATABLE FLOOR PERMITTING OF ITS CONVERSION INTO A DANCING HALL1907-05-18: THE CONSTRUCTION AND HANDLING OF A SUBMARINE1907-05-25: THE WHITE STAR LINER" ADRIATIC "-THE LARGEST SHIP AFLOAT.1907-06-01: WHAT OUR WHEAT CROP MEANS1907-06-08: THE ONE-THOUSAND-FOOT FOUR-TRACK ARCH BRIDGE OF THE CONNECTING RAILWAY WHICH WILL SPAN THE EAST RIVER, NEW YORK1907-06-15: DIPLODOCUS RESTORED. THE LARGEST CREATURE THAT EVER ROAMED THE EARTH1907-06-22: DOUBLE-DECK STREETS- A RELIEF FOR TRAFFIC CONGESTION1907-06-29: VICTORIA, FALLS AS COMPARED WITH NIAGARA1907-07-06: New Railroad Construction in Canada And The Northwest1907-07-13: How Linoleums And Oilcloths Are Made1907-07-20: Osborne College : An English Naval School1907-07-27: The Opening Races And Speed Trials on the New Cement Track of the Brooklands Racing Club At Weybridge, England1907-08-03: Inauguration of the New Haven Railroad Electric Service1907-08-10: Erecting the Great Cantilever Bridge Across the East River At Blackwell's Island1907-08-17: A New Egyptian Irrigating Canal1907-08-24: A Giant Industry. the Meats We Eat1907-08-31: Some Notable German Bridges
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