1902-05-10: A New Means of Using Compressed Air in the Manufacture of Glassware1902-05-17: Manufacture of Steel Rails-II.1902-05-24: The Great Disaster in the West Indies - Volcano1902-05-31: Sinking the Booklyn Caisson for East River Bridge No. 3.1902-06-07: The Building of American Locomotives1902-06-14: The Modern Uses of Electricity in Printing1902-06-21: The Ruins of St. Pierre1902-06-28: THE FIJI ISLANDS AND THE FIJIANS1902-07-05: Mechanical Handling And Transporting of Material1902-07-12: The Famous Oroya Railroad of Peru, Which Climbs Higher Than Any Other on the Globe1902-07-19: Through the Suez Canal on a United States Warship1902-07-26: Present Condition of the New East River Bridge1902-08-02: General View of a Typical California Lumber Camp1902-08-09: The Great Floating Docks of Bermuda And Algiers, La1902-08-16: The Eruption of Mont Pelie on July 9, First Stage' Showing Cauliflower Effect of the Clouds of Steam And Dust1902-08-23: The Building of American Locomotives- II1902-08-30: The Snoqualmie Falls Power Plant<br>From Wiki;<br>There are two hydroelectric power plants at Snoqualmie Falls, both currently operated by Puget Sound Energy. Power plant 1 was built in 1898 and operates at the base of the falls embedded in the rock 270 feet below the surface. It was the world's first completely underground power plant.[31902-09-06: The New York Edison Power Station. Maximum Capacity, 120,000 Horse Power
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1902-06-14: The Modern Uses of Electricity in Printing