1893-01-07: Views of the Extensive Red Sandstone Quarries At Potsdam N.Y.1893-01-14: A Model Steam Laundry with Capacity of Handlinq 100,000 Pieces a Day1893-01-21: Adjustable Undershot Water Wheel for Varying Water Level, of the Potsdam Red Sandstone Co1893-01-28: The Cunard Steamer Umbria - the Speacial Duplex Drills for Cutting for Cutting Out the Broken Section of the Shaft1893-02-04: The Marble Cave of Missouri1893-02-11: The Pecos River Bridge of the Southern Paoific Railway1893-02-18: The Bath Iron Works And Shipbuilding - Yard, Bath, Me1893-02-25: New Method of Gas Supply for New York City. Showing. ,Tunnel Under the East River1893-03-04: The Mexican Central Railway's Monster Locomotive-Designed By F. W. Jornstone1893-03-11: The Casting of a Large Steam Cylinder1893-03-18: Improvements in Boston Harbor1893-03-25: The United States Double Turret Coast Defense Monitor Terror1893-04-01: Transportation of Four Bridge Girders By Rail-the Bridge As Completed1893-04-08: Glafckes Improvement in Prison Construction1893-04-15: The New York Tennis And Racquet Club1893-04-22: The Broadway Cable Railway the Power Station At 51st Street1893-04-29: The World's Columbian Exposition-the Painting Maohine1893-05-06: The Columbian Naval Festivities, New York-the Presidential Review
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1893-04-15: The New York Tennis And Racquet Club